Congratulations to our local students who now have the freedom of the road.

We are delighted that the following learner drivers, who are all from the Ipswich area have now completed the learner syllabus and are now proud owners of full driving licences.

“I chose Ability Driving School because of the good customer reviews and reasonable value. It was also important I would get a friendly instructor!

I found that learning to drive was not something used on your pre existing skills, it takes frequent practice. My driving instructor Ian Mills had very easy to understand and easy to follow teaching methods.

I will be recommending to others due to the fair price, experienced instructors and their reliability.
I was very happy with the service.”

William Stewart, Ipswich

“The main reason for choosing Ability Driving School was because I wanted a reliable driving instructor who would turn up on time.

Learning to drive at first seemed hard but practice made perfect and it became easier! My driving instructor Ian Mills was the best and had good teaching methods.

Everything about my experience was perfect and I will be recommending to others.”

Hilda Damulira, Ipswich

A fantastic 1st time pass for Michal Czuper from Ipswich when he passed his practical driving test on Thursday the 23rd of August 2018.

Michal was extremely happy with his pass as he is on a break from University and wanted to try and get his full driving licence before he went back to Swansea, so thats a good job done!

He won’t be driving himself back to University, but we are sure it won’t be long before he is driving around.

Congratulations on a great effort Michal and all the best with your studies and driving from your Driving Instructor Mark Banyard and all the team here at Ability Driving School.

“The main reason for choosing Ability Driving School was because I wanted a driving instructor with a good attitude towards driving and teaching.

Learning to drive was very good and there was more involved than I had expected. My driving instructor Ian Mills was amazing! He had great teaching skills and lots of patience.

I will definitely be recommending the school to others because of how good my instructor was.
There is nothing I would have changed about my learning experience.”

Kedaranth Turlapati, Ipswich

“The most important criteria for me when choosing a driving school was that my lessons would be time well spent and be effective. Also the pass rate of Ability Driving School was a factor.

I found that road awareness and safety is a must from my lessons. My driving instructor Adrian Trevaskis had very effective teaching methods.

I will of course recommend the school to others as I passed and feel learning to drive with Adrian was safe ad effective. I was happy with my lessons.”

Claire Winterman, Ipswich

“The main reason for choosing Ability Driving School was to have a driving instructor who’d be relaxed and easy to work with. The school’s reputation also made up my mind.

I actually found learning to drive to be simpler than expected. My driving instructor Ian Mills had very easy to understand teaching methods that I could reproduce.

I passed at the first time of asking so something they are doing must be right!!

Driving Lessons Ipswich

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Tom Bowen, Ipswich